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alternator woes
Incase i'm missing something obvious, i would like to run this past you guys.

Although not strictly 306, I have a 405 1.9dt
I noticed the battery light was glowing dimly at idle and low revs, however when you put your foot down, increasing revs, it went out.

This morning after finishing my night shift, I needed a jump start, the car pretty much got me the 40 miles home, apart from a couple of hiccups when i put the wipers on, they moved slowly and cut power to the car.

In the box of receipts that came with the car i found one which shows a new alternator in october 2014 (and another one previously in 2012)

I thought due to the alternator being fairly recent that it could be a battery fault, so i put a new one on but i still have the same issue.

I noticed that the idler was bouncing around everywhere on idle and that the belt was squeaky so the wheel came off and i ensured the tensioner was tensioning the belt, great no more squeaks but still the same alternator light.

I have had a quick look at wiring and it appears fine but if anyone has a diagram that would be awesome.

before i swap out the alternator can anyone else make any suggestions


its even on film!
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Make sure all live and earth connections are all good going to alternator, also put a multi meter on battery when running and it should read about 14.5v if it's charging properly, 405 1.9 xud9te is same engine as 306 anyway, just more have Bosch pump and better induction system Smile
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