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Noisy as hell xud
Hey guys right I even out of a 306 for nearly two years now but have bought the missus a xud my first xud and it is sooooo noisy I've narrowed it down to the water pump which is very very loud and the car has only ever been run in just water so immgunna change the pump regardless

Now the AC pulley is also dried up and making a racket rather than replace as the air con doesn't work anyways I was going to remove it BUT what belt don't need if I delete it ?? Is there such a short belt if so does anyone know the code for it ??

Thanks in advance
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Sounds like there are two "bob" weights Missing from your Harmonic stabilisation system.

Check Haynes.
                                             [Image: 2ljm03k.jpg]

                                                                                      I Don't Have A 306.
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Sounds like you've bought a 20 year old IDI...they are noisy as hell! Tongue

Water would've had coolant in back in the day, unless it fell out at some point probably still has the original in. Pump and cambelt kit cant hurt though.

As for the AC, just measure the shorter route, belts are sold in mm's. Smile
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