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Stage 1/stage 2 whats the difference? general tuning questions
Personally id say a front mount does let you run more boost but thats due to its cooling, depending what boost you want to run depends on the size core needed for the intercooler etc , more boost usualy means more heat so a front mount by logic means you can run more boost, but then theres the efficency of the turbo questions on what makes power and whats just making heat at what boost an flow levels etc , its a mine field.

For me stage 1 is pump and turbo tune
Stage 2 fmic, decat , better exhaust and intake, more boost and fuel
Stage 3 the above and bigger turbos etc

Bit hard to judge stages on a mechanical diesel as every twist of a screw could be tuning
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RE: Stage 1/stage 2 whats the difference? general tuning questions - by Nath140889 - 19-07-2015, 02:01 AM

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