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Engine Management Light Is On
Hi All,

A few days ago I had problems with the glow plug light stop light flashing and also fans coming on in which I got told to clean the sensors at the side of the engine bay in which I did, the car is still overheating in which I had changed the temperature springy thing sorry forgot the name, that had done a bit of affect, in the fuse bay under the steering wheel next to the fuses there is a few blocks which I again forgot the name I had searched up that the Orange one is for the fans, when I took that out the fans didn't come on which it sounded normal, in which I have changed the block, can anyone help me with the overheating please, and today a few hours ago I had started the car from cold and the engine management light had came on and stayed on, I'm guessing it could be the engine sensor as the garage is closed tomorrow so I thought I could get some help on here before I take it to the garage Monday. Thanks in Advance
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You don't need to clean any sensors, just the main loom plugs just below the passenger chassis leg, do it asap because it's well known to cause fires. All of your problems are most likely a direct result of this issue. Clean all the pins and sockets thoroughly with a pick and some electrical cleaner.

Don't take this the wrong way, but tbh from your description of the issues it sounds like you'll be best off leaving a professional to do the work.
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