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rough idle very smoky
just changed the throttle shaft on my lucas put it all back together and now when i start it run very rough, missfires, puts out white smoke, it settled down abit after a few mins but i think thats just where the air had been purged. it doesnt seam to run smooth, i didnt touch the timing. i dont think theres any more air getting in.
its idling lower than it ever did, at 800 before was about 1050.
when revved it does nothing for abit of the pedal travel and then goes.
also when i move what i assume is the wax stat, the other part of the emergency stop where the cable is. when i push it in it idles maybe better definitely different.
im really hoping i have to open it up and adjust the throttle shaft.
it does need a glow plug or two but its needed it for a while and shouldnt it run smooth after abit of reving
will try and post a video
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Yea sounds like you've disturbed something in the process, best get it back off again and check.
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i found the shaft wasnt pulled up fully so did that and its sounding better i had another look and i can see little air bubble in the inlet bit so guess airs still getting it somewhere. my thoughts are the gasket on the head of the pump i didnt change that :/ also the o rings on the shaft but as there isnt any fuel spewing up through i thought it shouldnt be that and theres none around the gasket

ooh also it mainly puffs when i accelerate.
im hoping its all just air causing my problems
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So my dad had a look and seems I was just bring abit dramatic and it was fine just needed a good ragging to get ALL the air out :/
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