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Shitty eBay Crank Pulleys
Not so much a question here, more advice.. NEVER EVER buy cheap eBay rubbish to save money, genuine OEM parts are the best thing for your cars!
I bought a new crank pulley and it lasted 1200 miles before literally splitting in two and being able to completely rotate the outer part around the inner part. I bought a genuine part and have had no issues so far, ran sweet as a nut for 1500 miles.

Again DON'T buy cheap eBay rubbish!!
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We've all been there!
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buy cheap buy twice ive had the same with crank pulleys on the hdi Wink
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I saw a good example recently of the difference in quality on ebay
The silver is the cheapo unbranded ebay special 
the black is the delphi

Look at the welds, the cheapo has minimal welds around the base connecting it to the bushes whereas the delphi has welds all around. This is a very obvious difference in quality so you can imagine similar principles apply to other ebay parts, possibly in places you cant see (inside the pulley)
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Just goes to show cheap parts aren't worth it. Always buy the best quality you can afford.
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Thanks for the good times guys n gals. I might be back. Who knows.
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My Datsun is built of eBay specials.

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Gonna live by that motto now, buy cheap you buy twice, least the lad is giving me a full refund so not a lot lost.
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