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In tank pump fuel strainer
My 306 hdi has started hunting now and then on idle. Its got a new air filter and cleaned the maf as well.

I changed the fuel filter before with the old one being a little black due for a change. 

I just checked now and the fuel pump in the tank the strainer blocked up a lot. I can see a lot of black stuff built up on the white strainer.

So is there a guide pictures to removing the strainer out apart from the fuel pump plastic housing?

I dont want to break things if possible to do it right.

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[url=][/url]In the guides section mate Tongue
Thanks given by: Welshy_Pete
(20-05-2015, 09:48 AM)JTaylor2005 Wrote:

[url=][/url]In the guides section mate Tongue

Nice one thanks
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