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Hi all, Just wondering if Decatting will cause any engine management lights to come on or anything annoying like that? Thinking of having a full stainless steel exhaust fit soon and want to be sure it won't cause any problems.

Thanks Smile

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Naa mate no lights will come up it will make the turbo spool up quicker n give u abit more poke plus sound loads better imo
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Brilliant Big Grin Will have to get it sorted out soon Smile

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You won't regret it n if I was you I'd get get a o ring for the exhaust aswell dude only cost about 6 quid off eBay saves the hassle once you've put it back together n stand a chance of the exhaust blowing
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i decat mnine, made a difference, turbo spooled faster, little less lag and seemed more pokey through the powerband
Given the choice between Niall and the sheep. I would choose the sheep!
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Decat is a must really on the turbo diesels 306s, though vosa aren't the biggest fans of it
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Haha I have heard -_- pain in the a** I pay stupid amounts of tax as well on mine because it doesn't have a dog it's £225 a year -_-
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