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Where to get gaskets?
I need a new gasket for the intake elbow and the egr valves. I also need washers for the gearbox drain plug and level plug.
Where could I get them? Would it have to be a Peugeot dealer and have to order and wait for them?

Thanks, Jack
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They're all cheap as from Peugeot dealer so may as well go there.
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You can get them just as easily from your local motor factors if there's not a peugeot dealer nearby, cheaper too in my experience, although they don't always do the gaskets. Failing that there's always good old ebay.
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Yeah will most likely be peugeot but they will probably have to order them in and I would like to be able to pick them up today haha
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Washers for the gearbox plugs can be had from most motor factors even most garages will sell you a copper washer for 10p as for the gaskets I got mine from peugeot
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