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More oil than Olay...
Hi All,

New to the forum, Previously owned a Rallye. Just bought a 306 HDI to kart me to work and back.
Picked it up super cheap knowing there would be a few probs.

First up is how best to tackle this...
[Image: photo%201.jpg]
[Image: photo%202.jpg]
[Image: photo%203.jpg]
[Image: photo%204.jpg]

Obviously an oil leak, Not sure sure if its coming from multiple sources of perhaps just the injector?
Can anyone advise the best way to tackle this?

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That's diesel leaking from the injector over a long period of time, basically coal. The only time I've experienced this, I spent a good hour pulling the injector out, and a couple of hours after that chipping away all the crap. Make sure you keep it from going into the cylinder in any quantity, and good luck!
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Thanks for the reply, So would they way forward nbe to replace the rail and injectors?
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It's sticky diesel tar leaking past the copper washers that seal them in to the head.

Here's how to fix it:

Go for a drive, get the engine really hot, this will make the tar really soft.
Get something like thinners or a solvent on the engine (be careful it doesn't catch on fire under the heat), this will soften the tar and help you to get the injectors out.
Take the injectors out which have the problem, and then try to get the copper washer out of the hole if it doesn't come out with the injector.
Clean the holes out as best as you can making sure it doesn't enter the engine. Again thinners on a rag wrapped around a screw driver is good.
Next, you need to give a few turns with a re-seating tool, this actually takes some metal away from the head so be very careful and only a few turns without too much pressure.
This will work:
Fit new copper washers and the plastic sleeve if you need it and refit the injectors:

Not my ebay items, just an example of what you need.
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Great reply, Thanks so much! I'l give that a crack, nice one mate.

Is it ok to drive in the mean time?
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It'll be OK to drive, if it's got that bad it's been doing it for MONTHS lol
Welding and fabrication projects undertaken, contact me for more information.

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Yes, as Jonny said you've probably been doing it for months like that!
Forgot to say, but pull off as much tar as possible before trying to pull the injectors out, blow all the dirt away with an air line too.
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