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EGR Disable - Early HDi
Apologies for what is another EGR question, but the minimum search string is 4 letters on the forum.

Wanting to disable the EGR on my 2.0 HDi. I've done some reading around the net which is just making me more confused.

I have an early engine with no air douser it seems. So I understand that I can unplug the blue plug and the ECU will flag a 'soft failure'. What does that actually mean? Will it alter any engine parameters? Why is this a bad idea?

I've also read that I can unplug it and disconnect a vacuum hose, which I believe is the hose with the blue band in my picture. So if I do this and cap it at the hose end (not egr end also?), is this all that needs to be done on my engine?

Thanks in advance.

[Image: IMAG1141_1.jpg]
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The best way of doing it is to install a blanking plate between the EGR pipe and the manifold intake elbow. Very cheap off eBay.

That's because if the EGR valve is blowing past then simply unplugging it won't stop that.

Otherwise, either of the options you mention will disable an otherwise healthy EGR. The "soft" error won't flag an engine check light but will come up with a minor fault code on a reader - it won't affect anything though.
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So my understanding of this is that you can unplug the valve but you dont know if its actually ever fully closed so its always better to put blanking plates in.

As far as im aware though the soft fault may bring on the light but shouldnt affect performance.
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Thanks guys. I'll go the unplug route first then and aim for the blank option when the weather is warmer!
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removed all the pipes and left the solenoid plugged in on mind, also fitted blanks, never had a fault code come up
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don't just remove the pipes without plugging the open ends
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If you remove the pipe that leads to the vacuum servo you need to blank it because you will lose the brake vacuum. I usually recommend putting a bolt or screw in each pipe if you aren't sure which one it is.
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