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egr blanking?
Just bougt a blanking plate for my pug. Will I need to get a couple of gaskets from anywhere? Also can I unplug the egr valve as well? Might be pointless unplugging as well though haha
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Theres a guide in the guide section on this most people block of the vac lines to the solenoids as unpluggimg logs a silent code. I used a new gasket for the inlet elbow and some instant gasket on the egr blank. Mines never leaked since.
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Okie dokie awesome Smile cheers Smile
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Well I split it open just wide enough to slid the blanking plate in (had open holes) I put a lot of instant gasket on both sides so hopefully there wont be any leaks. I then just clamped it back up nice as I had hardly disturbed the intake elbow gasket (or so he says) if it leaks it will just be sorted properly haha. If not then jackpot Tongue lol
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I did that the first time and needless to say about 2 days later it started making a horrible boost leak noise and was covered in oily black stuff. Ended up taking it of and making a proper job of it (cleaning both sides and replacing inlet gasket)
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