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Help with Hotel nr Newcastle 28th
Evening peeps,

Never usually book hotels but needs must and its a bit far to go there and back in one day!

I've tried all the comparison sites I can find and just looking for somewhere decent for as little as possible (appreciate the really cheap places will be shite) just wondering if you fine folk have any tips for me?

Typically left this up to the Mrs to organise and she's left it far too bloody late. 

Much love!
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Find a B&B when you get there?

If you're like me you'll want it planned well in advance though lol.
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Book well in advance on the company's own site for the best deals

There might be a few last minute hotel deals websites worth checking out if you've left it late
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cant really go wrong with the premier inns.
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We normally use late rooms at work. Really simple and easy to book.

I have stayed at the Premier Inn in Newcastle its a pretty good TBH has a world buffet style place next to it. Bang on.

As said if you book in advance you can normally get cheap room from Prem Inn ect but it's only 2 weeks away so you'll have missed out. I've always found hotels to be cheaper on a weekend so gues that's a bonus?
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Where in newcastle are you looking to go?

Given the metro system it would be cheaper to stay out of town and train in. Even Airport > Central station is like 30mins max on the train so its really not too bad.

But as said, where you looking to be?
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