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Front side mount exhaust?
Quick question.
what is the furthest forward you can mount a side exit exhaust? Could I have it coming out from in front of the passenger door?? Or just under the front of the door?

Cheers Smile 
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You can have it anywhere you want with enough pipework and bodgery ThumbsUp

Have to have some decent ground clearance mind
Wishes for more power...
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depends on your mot tester too i guess this is out of the manual as reasons to fail
5. An exhaust tailpipe positioned so that fumes are likely to enter the driver’s or passenger area.

so does that mean when you have the front windows open im not sure? been a few years since i was a tester myself.
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Haha okays fair enough Smile cheers guys. Ground clearance may be an issue. I was just thinking. Bigger pipe shorter length more power haha Tongue
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It should exit behind the passenger compartment. So at the back of the car. Something like a pickup that just means behind the cab.
[Image: sig002_zpscb892e18.jpg]
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Ahhh I see so maybe just in front of the rear wheel or something like that?
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