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Rear discs and Pads on a 99 hdi
Hi guys,

Hope you can help. My 306 hdi failed its mot on rear brakes. Local garage has quoted me £130 to supply and fit new discs and pads and tighten the handbrake cable.

So that seem right?

Its £30 parts and £100 labour.

Had a search around and some forum threads say its a hour's work all in which makes £100 in labour seem a little steep.

Thanks in advance!
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Sounds like they've quoted 2hrs. Sounds about right tbh, they should be disassembling and regreasing the sliders if theyre doing it properly.

Not difficult to do yourself though tbh.
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Unfortunately i work in IT and know absolutely squat about cars lol! Only failed on the rear discs and no handbrake on one side, handbrake feels fine so garage said discs and pads plus tightening the cable should cure it all for the retest. I just thought £100 labour sounded a bit much for an hours work.
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Hmm, I'd be almost certain It'll be the sliders seized in one or both calipers, so I do hope they're cleaning and re-greasing those rather than just chucking the new pads and discs on.

People are often optimistic with their job times on here lol, I'd set aside 2 hours for that job myself, and most independents charge around £50 an hour.
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TBH if they are going to adjust the handbrake cables I'd allow an hour and a half. IMO 2 hours is too long for a pro but they might just be quoting book time.

I'm sure someone here will do it for less if you want. Where are you bassed.
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Thanks guys, all booked in now, 110 all in, not bad really I guess, 2 tyres and I have another 12 months in the hdi!
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