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Gt43 dturbo
Anyone put a gt43 turbo onto a 306 ? If so does it fit and will i need a manafold as mines a kkk003
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A GT43?!?!?

I expect it would spool someone near the rev limit!
Wishes for more power...
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Cant find specs for this on the web, only similar. Does it have any markings on or anything?

Probably similar family to mine, which is similar size, in which case you're not really gonna be boosting anything hard until around 5k. I wouldn't bother personally unless you have anything to give it a kickstart.
[Image: 22f2b6b2-758b-4c1c-96fb-6fa9c6059b13_zpsf306b56b.jpg]
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That'd be similar sized to a HX50 I have here. Here it is beside a GT15. Good luck getting it to spool on it's own Big Grin

[Image: 13912489705_f680db4d0e_b.jpg]
[Image: Image423_zps1ac08bc4-1_zps15c76431.jpg]
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On a break from 306oc for personal reasons. If anyone needs or wants me most of you have my number and or facebook messenger
Thanks for the good times guys n gals. I might be back. Who knows.
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Holy F**K! That's a big 'un Wink

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itll spool at 5000rpm, and explode the head off when it reaches pressure.. after 10 minutes of constant foot to floor
Given the choice between Niall and the sheep. I would choose the sheep!
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