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Bosch conversion - shopping list
Please forgive me if the answers are elsewhere in the forum, I tried searching but with little success...

Considering I cover 600 miles each week, it would appear that the option to run on svo/wvo would be well worth investigating as it would quickly pay for itself.

So my question is - what do I need to get in order to successfully swap from my current Lucas pump to a veg friendly Bosch one ? And is there anyone in the Wiltshire area who has done it before and could lend any guidance ? I've worked on classic Minis in the past but always open to assistance from a more experienced spanner-man.
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You will need

Bosch pump complete with woodruff key and pulley
Fuel lines
Bosch injectors

A new cambelt kit and water pump is worth doing while it's in bits too
[Image: image_zps45f2003b.jpg]

Team Doesn't own a 306
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Injector washers/seals
Doesnt even own a 306.
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leak off pipe
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As a bare minimum you can get away with just the pump, and pulley and woodruff key. You can re-use everything else, bend the lines and use the Lucas injectors. This is not idea just throwing it in there for anyone really scraping the barrel this month.
[Image: 22f2b6b2-758b-4c1c-96fb-6fa9c6059b13_zpsf306b56b.jpg]
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