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XUD Glowplug Replacement.
Righto replacing glowplugs, pretty simple task but everyone has to start somewhere. Glowplugs are there to preheat the pre combustion chamber to aid starting? I think, something along those lines atleast. Anyway how to do it.

Some say to change them when the engine is hot, some say it doesnt matter, i have changed a set dead cold but today i just got back from a long drive and they came out alot easier.

So heres the tools you might need...
[Image: 20140407_155648_zpso52dx6a8.jpg]

Before i done all this i applied some penetrating oil about an hour before i started:
[Image: 20140407_142205_zpscifhpotw.jpg]
Found it in my grandads shed and its epic.

So we need to whip off the power rail or whatever its called, the "doo dah" that gives the glowplugs juice, theres an 8mm nut on the top of every glowplug, undo all of these and the rail should come off with a bit of fiddling...
[Image: 3a42ddbf-89c9-4e9f-b44a-ec19de56c629_zpsc5627c52.jpg]

[Image: 20140407_160248_zpsug4gancw.jpg]

Then get your 12mm deep socket with an extension and undo the 3 you can get at. For the 4th you might need to get creative-ish, you might be able to get on it with a ratchet spanner depending on what your cooling system is doing. I put the socket on first then put the ratchet in the hole slightly, giggidy.
[Image: 20140407_160804_zpsycbf8qif.jpg]

Then you should have all your old ones out...
[Image: 20140407_160940_zpscrwkidwp.jpg]

So old ones out, time to put new ones in liberal coating of copper grease on the threads is a good idea, always catch them with your fingers before going at it with the ratchet, tighten them up so they're tight, obviously dont barry them in like a maniac, i tend to torque them as you would a spark plug (finger tight then quarter turn)

Then im a bit anal and i got some sandpaper and cleaned up the terminals on the rail and greased them aswell for maximum electrical conductivity... I doubt it makes much of a difference but i had nothing to loose...
[Image: 20140407_160940_zpscrwkidwp.jpg]

But normally you would just put that rail on, dont forget the terminal from the loom otherwise they wont work at all. Put all your 8mm nuts on and your done. Hopefully some of that will help someone one day in the future maybe...
Doesnt even own a 306.
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fair play, have you got a Bosch pump? it's a right bastard getting to that one . .:/
Phase 1 D-Turdo, K14@24 psi, De-cat, meaty backbox, Bosch pump, grinded LDA pin, duel air fed K&N =133.7bhp & 188ft/lbs
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Good guide here!
One of the first mechanical jobs i ever did when i was a wee lad
was a complete pain with the bosch pump!
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Good guide.

Glow plugs on a Bosch pump engine aren't that bad, swan neck spanner and/or a flexible head ratchet spanner are where it's at.
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