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Bits for sale
Standard struts and springs good con top mounts £35 delivered

T2 elbow and manifold (free knackered t2) £25 delivered

Xud9te power steering pump £10

After market steering wheel X 2 1 is ripspeed and 1 momo £offers can post.

Laguna splitter cut for phase 2 (and condition) £20 delivered

Standard d turbo front calipers £30 delivered

Polished Xud9te rocker needs ago over £15 delivered

Maybe more in garage I'll look tomorrow and pics
Open to offers on most things
[Image: VcvTtst.jpg]
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Dibs on steering wheel.

Any pics
[Image: 20A1806D-891D-40FB-BD52-AD519177A607-734...391753.jpg]
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Whatever happened to those comps? Wink (if I'm thinking of the right person lol)
[Image: attachment.php?aid=9919]
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In middle of refurbing them now message me on Fb matt
[Image: VcvTtst.jpg]
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It is mandatory to save the document with their extensions because without it file should not be saved and loaded into memory. In a similar way put the extensions at the end of the files by default.
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