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hdi map files
Hi just wondering if anyone on here sells decent stage 1 and 2 map files? Proven files not just guessed. Also looking for more info on this any help is much appreciated

Thanks ash
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Contact pro_steve he's highly recommended on here.
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I do maps, stage 1, stage 2 or stage 3 - fuelled all the way up to the top, can do VNT control, hard cut limiter, stock turbos, hybrids, etc etc.

I used to only really map for friends, my own car etc. but have done a few for people on here now.

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I could do with 1 & 2 tbh. Not sure when im gonna have time to do the fmic & clutch upgrade so stage 1 would be good til then. Jammapic pm me with how much you're after etc.
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Could you pm all that to please..
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Does that mean pm you? I dont understand....
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