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Miami Phase 1 306 Dturbo For sale or swap for GTI6
Miami Blue 1996 Dturbo
176k on the shell engine on 130k
Lowered about 80mm on the back, 60mm on the front on standard shocks
Full mint condition ph1 gti6 interior
Cyclones or speedlines.
Straight through exhaust turbo back no boxes
MOT till next august
No tax
In very good condition for its age, paint work well looked after,
On lucas pump and t2 turbo, standard boost but goes surprisingly well,
uprated engine mounts
Recent new windscreen
206 180 gti brakes on the front
205 gti steering wheel which is mint

Looking for £800 or swap for a gti6
Will add anything else i think off, feel free to ask questions
Link to project in my sig

[Image: B4E183C2-3664-4FC6-9EA1-72CFC81F94E2-672...7C8755.jpg]
[Image: 7B1F72CB-E766-4509-8041-DB19B8E5C476-215...4DDF3C.jpg]
[Image: 9D8B66C9-D240-49C2-954E-DA6D58A28E64-204...EB9CF8.jpg]
[Image: BE773933-6566-400E-A30B-F9587B28030B-149...5D1C6B.jpg]

[Image: 758C5CE8-62F6-46FF-94C5-1FDF2DA44748-289...A409CD.jpg]
[Image: 7677C33A-2E58-4F1D-A563-611F6B6170BF-289...B645CF.jpg]

[Image: 7ACC6E26-7B6A-4693-AF2E-58C4ACC4202F-781...56FAF7.jpg]
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Dont want a hdi do you :/
Miss my old miami best colour
[Image: av5ym8.jpg]
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Haha no thanks mate
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Somebody buy this I want a gti6 :p
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Your a cock, I would have had this before I got my rallye
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That rallye is lush though!
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have to say after reading ur project thread, this is lovely. I have a black 6 and if i was any closer to you i would swap you
Heart 306
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I hope this stays on of my favourite Ph1s....

deserves a bit more poke though!
Wishes for more power...
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It's staying on here for the time being Smile
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Sold Smile
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