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1996 XR Central Locking Help!
Hi Guys,

I've just bought my first 306, a 1996 5dr 1.8XR Auto. However, it has come with a few problems, the most annoying of which is the central locking.

I have no remote fob but when I try and lock or unlock the drivers side it locks/unlocks and then instantly re-opens/locks again. However, locking/unlocking from the passenger side is fine. I've studied up enough to know that it is a common problem and have already checked the drivers door loom and know it needs replacing.

In the meantime however, I intended to short circuit the plug on the module until I can get the parts / confidence to replace the door loom.

So I pulled up the back seat and unscrewed the control box expecting to see this:

[Image: peugeot_306_central_locking_control_box.jpg]

But instead found this:

[Image: 20131123_124445.jpg]
[Image: 20131123_124518.jpg]
[Image: 20131123_124524.jpg]

There was also this plug just sat off the loom:

[Image: 20131123_124606.jpg]

And this under the seat, next to the grey module but seperate:

[Image: 20131123_124614.jpg]

Does anyone know if this is what I'm looking for, and if so, how to short circuit it so that I can temporarily regain control of the central locking?
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i had somthing similar in my AX GT many moons ago, although they were black, and there were 3 of them, one on either side of the dash, corresponding to each door, and one main one in the center which was for the IR receiver, best plan is to try and find the others (if there are any in a 306 - i'm sure someone will confirm) and see if there are any obvious shorts or burnt out components on the boards, and then definately get the loom patched up,

hope this helps, Smile
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i had problems with my central locking last night was it locking then unlocking itself ?? i just unplugged mine for the time being Tongue
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That's what I've ended up doing for now. I had a play with the unit in the pictures by bridging different points and had the central locking going haywire! I think it'll just be easier to replace the loom as there are a few torn wires in there. The next question is, If I nip down to the scrapyard to grab a new loom/plug for the door, how far back should I cut/rewire? is it a big job to dig out the wire from the cabin and is it really necessary to remove the car door?
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