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306 Stage 2 HDi Progress/Project.
Yeah the top end is rusted but the bottom end was all full of oil and seems OK.

Will get pics soon

Heres a pic of the intercoolerI ordered. 2.5 inch core and seems big enough to me Smile
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Fingers crossed it's all ok then. Looks like a nice cooler, certainly plenty big enough. Smile
306 HDi Deathtrap - 130bhp / 220lbft

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From reading back I may just try to get a cheap bare engine.

Turbo arrive but due to insurance being up and a student finance cock up then this will be on hold for a little longer.

Some photos, this is before I strip and modify the turbo (clocking etc).

From what I can see I will need to clock both hot and cold side of the turbo but will know more when I get a proper look.

[Image: 768fa531262cc3fe7a2e57121720f616.jpg]

[Image: b82ed4b431b51fda9f5e41b7588abc0e.jpg]
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That 2056 looks like the same 1 i bought off ebay back along and have done nothing with. Think its at jimbo work at the moment lol. The thing that i dont like on it is the air intake on them. I dunno how that would fit/work, would prob need some sort of modifying i guess
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What do you mean when you say the air intake?

Do you mean the compressor outlet? (the bendy shaped bit)..

If so ill probably just cut that off and maybe get a newly shaped bend tigged on or else use that part rotated.

.. but for the intake ill probably just run flexy ducting to a filter to keep it clean Smile
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Ah yeah compressor outlet, my bad
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Ahh yes the old student finance being used responsively I see lol bit like myself lmao cant wait to see this finished and on the road keep up the work chap!
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Student finance isnt paying for the car stuff lol. But they also arent paying my fees, leaving me to pay them and then being short of spare cash! Sad

Once its sorted though I'll be refunded and will be able to crack on. Exams this and next week and then I will get on with getting the car MOT'd and get rid of the clio Smile
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Well this has taken a major back foot lately.

No money to spare due to getting the bike test & a bike.

Anyhow, went out to the shed to try match up the manifold to the turbo and it should he a relatively easy.

Few questions.. Should I drill and countersink the turbo onto the plate, and then bolt the plate to the manifold? Or any other ideas?

Then the actuator, basically will I find out if it fits when it goes onto the car & can I drill and tap the cold side to fit another screw to hold it on?

[Image: d0dbd26b2b5a6e177cc47db606be52c0.jpg]

[Image: 60c6a9878b6187c3e2a984128a64ce5b.jpg]

[Image: 8ff4f4e7092b9eec950de5bb69cbb162.jpg]
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Bit more of a play on this...

Keep toyin with the idea of selling, but get.the bug to finish it again! I'm a disaster.

Anyhow, progress, albeit small progress.

[Image: 97c68e4f2875755fd58eb74160242bef.jpg]

Exhaust adapter plate drawn up for the gt2056s, will send this off for pricing at the laser cutters, aswell as this..

[Image: 82a585b886f41a4b130f0d3f45cce3c7.jpg]

Hopefully they're cheap enough.

Have messed about with enlarging and polishing the exhaust manifold as for now I dont want to build a custom one, and I know these engines suffer with back pressure, hopefully it can flow enough to not be an issue but we will see.

[Image: 55b6dc7806bb8f5b414c5c2e26a3aca0.jpg]

[Image: ebcfcf1ec97e8c17347ee4c8120e9523.jpg]

I made my own adapter plate which would probably be fine with some trimming but it'd be nice to have it lasered, and will then be repeatable if anyone else wants to go down this route.
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Adapter plates work well if the bolt pattern is dissimilar. How about cutting the flange off and welding the original turbo flange back on?

The turbo needs a support bracket anyway so I think it would be OK.
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The bracket on the new one is VERY similar to the one thats on the car except It needs flipped 180 degrees.

Hence the upside down triangle.

The support isnt something I had thought about funnily enough. I'll have to sort that out somehow!
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I made one for a BMW turbo which had a similar bolt pattern a while back-

[Image: DSC00458.jpg]

You will have to make sure its fairly thick.
[Image: DSC00455.jpg]

[Image: DSC00456.jpg]
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[Image: b1dde6483141694de6d993e225ebd23a.jpg]

[Image: ad74cec19e64a0a048c252d64799a51c.jpg]

This was the rough one I done but hadnt got round to trimming it etc.

Can do the countersinking myself on the lasered parts but they will be tidier for definite.

Any tips on the exhaust flange ive drawn? Will the bit covering the wastegate cause any backpressure issues? It can of course still get out through the exhaust hole but not sure if i should try oncorporate it some more.
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As long as the bolt holes don't join the main exhaust hole it should work fine. Don't forget you need a seamless transition between exhaust Mani and turbo.

Personally I would make the exhaust flange as un restricted as possible. Possibly if you can separate them ( screamer pipe) that would be good.
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Always think about this car, strange the attachment to a car eh! Some serious memories made in the 306 and a whole lotta miles covered!

Made the change to BMW from the 306 in a bit of a deal - sold the 306 for £1k as it stood, and got offered the BM in return for knocking £100 off the price of the 306 - hard to turn down £900 & a 320d - it needed a high pressure pump being the older 136hp model, but £50 later & it was running!

[Image: dOdf9ekFlEY-3bJi-IQNJc3whBFU0BnvjNDhyZCO...35-h638-no]

Played around with that for a while, stainless decat downpipe, second cat removed, remapped, lowered on coilovers - ended up costing me around £600 and covered over 15k in it - sold it for £550 - so 15k miles completed & a lot of fun had for a total car cost of £50, not bad eh!

Took the plunge then and went for a 'newer' BMW as i had got rid of the bike by this stage - a late 2006 E92 330d - 231 hp in standard tune, with DPF now removed and a tweak it should be closer to 300hp & 450lbft of torque all wafted along with a lovely auto box with paddle shift. Played around with a wheel change and lowered it also - nice looking car i think & nice place to be!

In fairness, it has been a great car and i have enjoyed owning it. Nice to have that bit of poke and a nice driving car, but it is costing a mountain to run, and is at the stage now where it will probably depreciate too much to be a good idea to hold onto any longer.

[Image: NARblLKT0t1vTqRnp-KYLVk6iKNMQzICUFR7KQ_j...35-h638-no]

[Image: w_F2coCmDlcXEJTCEg97iup4pHHDKYNdqV9_r4W7...35-h638-no]

This, perhaps strangely... has me looking at a 306 again, if this shifts on relatively soon I could be on the market for one - more than likely be a HDi as before, but whether it stays relatively standard or not, at this stage i don't know.

I also have the luxury of having built myself a garage (Still an ongoing project lol), which of course makes owning an old french banger a longer easier dealt with lol!

[Image: aaOwkJXkaFF0gLauJlgK1aTti_cUM6rSON4e67mz...35-h638-no]

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People always seem to come back to 306s no idea why. I had a dirty vw stage but same back still

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On a break from 306oc for personal reasons. If anyone needs or wants me most of you have my number and or facebook messenger
Thanks for the good times guys n gals. I might be back. Who knows.
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Ohhhyy my that much did that set you back!?
Wishes for more power...
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Haha there is something about a nice 306 that still does it for me.

Piggy, from start to finish it has probably cost me the in around the £2.5k mark goce or take. Done a lot of the grafting myself with friends help etc.

Sort of made it up as i went along, just designed it on solidworks to get the amount of timber i'd need & final cut lengths etc - It's timber framed with tin on the outside. 4m peak & about 2.5 or 2.6m eaves from memory, on a 6.7 x 4.4m concrete base of 6 inch 35newton concrete.

Paid guys to lay the concrete so it was done right & paid a guy to do the main electrical supply.

Bought the remote control roller door for £200 on gumtree, pvc window & passenger door for £50, then just timber, tin, fixings and electrical stuff so far. It will probably cost me another 500 or so to get it insulated and lined, then some in it another £150-200 but its been spread out over a good length of time & will hopefully be a good investment!

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This is hallarious , I also dipped into an 07 e92 330d but the electric seats done my bap in and it just does not offer a pure in touch driving experience like the good old 306 , the 306 would drive round it with a flat tyres , so I sold the bm and I’m fall8ng in love with my hdi all over again ha ha ha
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