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3dr near side window regulator
Hi just purchased a 3dr ph2 window regulator for my ph2 hdi turbo and the window happily goes down but dosent wanna know about going up. the switch lights up and cant see any brocken wires in the loom any ideas???
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Tried greasing the regulator and the runners?
Doesnt even own a 306.
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Will be a broken wire in the drivers side loom i reckon Smile
Team Eaton

1999 China Blue 306 GTi6 - Eaton Supercharged - 214.5bhp 181lbft
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cheers guys found the issue after 3 hours and it was neither of them i have got a faulty drivers side switch that is causing the issue. turned out the drivers side button for the passenger window has a bad contact thats not alowing it to come up.... cheers for the help any how
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