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Top engine mount cup repair (bodge style)
Had a funny creaking sound coming from behind the dash for a bit and I finally found out it was the top mount cup had broken so under heavy acceleration I'd hear this creak.

When I did some work on the car and had the mount apart I found this.

[Image: SL740240_zpsabbfacfe.jpg]

It's not as bad as some of the others I've seen.

So I got a bit of bar, drill and tapped it to M10.

[Image: SL740242_zps10825ce2.jpg]

Held it in place put a piece that had broken off on top.

[Image: SL740244_zpse6f05b00.jpg]

Then screwed the new mount to it with the large washer between. The mount cup now basically clamped between mount and the bar.

[Image: IMG_20130623_171138_zps1c3e8219.jpg]

It's surprising how much the old mount got compressed, at first I thought I'd got the wrong part.

This fix was down around 6 months back and has been fine since. I'm shocked Peugeot thought a little square nut would be enough to hold the engine in place. The bar looks a bit of a bodge but spreads the load over the whole cup instead of a small area in the middle like the little square nut.
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I really like the idea of that, obviously a complete bodge and only really suitable as a temporary repair till you get a welder in there but a great start.
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When mine snapped in same place I just used couple of washers and nut did the job fine but was fiddly to get the nut on

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(12-08-2013, 06:23 PM)Dum-Dum Wrote: I really like the idea of that, obviously a complete bodge and only really suitable as a temporary repair till you get a welder in there but a great start.

Thinking about it I would say it's more of an upgrade then a bodge really, as the bar won't flex like the 1mm odd steel of the cup, it spreads the axial load of the engine across the whole of the cup and the most strongest part the uprights.
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Yes, but once the steel has cracked the flex will just make the cracks keep spreading until it's welded up.
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While there just weld it, seems a waste of time otherwise.
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On an old 306 i had I tried welding a big washer on top to reinforce the whole thing but it was a disaster. That few mill the engine was raised changed the whole geometry of the gear linkages and made it hard to get gears. Linkages would also pop off. Just incase anyone thought of this, dont bother lol.

EDIT found a pic on my old phone,

Dont do this lol

[Image: IMG00386-20110914-1830_zpsc235c5a6.jpg]
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I'm going to be reinforcing under in a similar way, but using angle welded across the whole mount. I'll show what I mean when I do it lol
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Been having a really good look at this thread of late, cus my top mounts suffered the same problems. This is a common problem across the Peugeot range, and the more powerfull models seem to suffer the most. Personally I think its more to do with the rubbers at the top of the mount going soft with wear and tear, causing side to side movement, which inturn tears the mounting point to bits. All ive done is cut an exaust mounting rubber in half, and wedge it between the one closest to the driver, and the body, and its completely stopped the engine rocking :-)
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