Newbies - Welcome! Please read

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Newbies - Welcome! Please read
First off welcome to the club! We're a friendly bunch of people, so don't be afraid to post and take a look around. We don't have many rules on here, and just ask that you are respectful and use common sense when posting.

One rule that we do have though applies specifically to newbies, and that's that you cannot sell items when you first sign up. You can post in the 'For Sale' and 'Wanted' sections once you have made 100 posts and reached 30 days of membership, so please introduce yourself and take a look around the forum before trying to sell items. You are also unable to use the PM system until you have made 100 posts.

After making 100 posts and reaching 30 days, your account can take up to 30 minutes to be upgraded to allow you to PM or post in the sale sections.

So, please don't use this section to try to get around the rule and post 'For Sale' threads, they will be deleted and you'll find yourself having to make even more posts to make up for it.

Thanks Smile
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We have now upped the previous limit from 20 posts to 100. Over the past few months, we have had a sharp increase in people spamming their way to 20 posts to get around the limits. This ruins the browsing experience for everyone else and defeats the object of the limits.
We have also introduced a 30 day limit so you will not be able to sell even if you reach 100 posts until 30 days until after your account was first activated.

I do understand this is a bit of a pain for new genuine users which the majority of you are but we are only putting these rules in place to help protect you from '1 post wonders' trying to scam innocent buyers.

Thanks all
Team Eaton

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