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TA technixx coilovers bump/ rebound quality
just out of interest to anyone who has a set of TA's, for cheap coilovers whats the bum/rebound like on them? im concidering breaking mine down and rebuilding them at uni, we do all the damping work on the cars at uni and have are own dyno damper and full damper setup lab... just an idea atm though...
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What quality?
[Image: 306ocsig_edited-1-1.jpg]

306 HDI, soon to be XUD
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Mine are good!
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They are a 'budget' solution to lowering. They are made to a price, whilst they are made to a certain standard (TU approval) they are still largely recognised as being shit.

I doubt even TA Technics themselves could give you technical values on them, since they don't have adjustable rebound or adjustable damping, they are just a shock body with coilover springs on collars.

I once bought a set, laid them out on the floor and immediately decided not to fit them. Once you see how well made even a 'cheap' set of decent coilovers are then you would not see the TA Technics as anything more suitable than scrap metal.

If you want a more technical answer, ask member 'Rippthrough'. He is a great advocate of TA Technics budget coilovers, absolutely loves them he does....
Disclaimer: The above is not to be taken to heart and is probably a joke, grow up you big girl.
[Image: Sig500x130.png]
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Shite on bump, poor on rebound.
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