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New from aussie
Hey new member just bought a 2001 pegueot 306 xsi 5 door in red manual 2.0 liter .
Has nice interior 178k km so pretty low km for a 01 . Some scratchs but all in all gr8 shape .
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Welcome along. Don't think we have many members from Oz.

Have got a couple of XSi's myself. Hope you're enjoying it n will try to help out with any issues where possible. With the heat out there I guess you have to keep a particularly close eye on the cooling system?
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Welcome to the club. Must be our furthest away! Smile
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Yeah the cooling system on this car is alien to me but read up alot as it goes from 70 to 90 to 95 then back down then back up very odd to me . I getting ac regassed as it dont blow very cold . The clutch i getting check aswell as never felt a clutch this heavy . Also doing tinted windows as hot yes lol. I also gotta repair the glovebox as one side was broken where hindge is i all rdy pulled it out just gotta get rnd to doing so plastic welds on it . Also found out the right speaker cuts in n out so gona see if i can replace wiring there . Car is bog stock so gona do little mods . As it my daily to from work . Unless weather nice then i got a motorbike .
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