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Installing a 2nd hand Bosch CP1. Any tips?
I got myself a like-new looking CP1 from a friend's totaled car that had less than 50.000kms and I'm installing it myself.

I was wondering if there's some useful tips you guys can share... I was thinking of flushing it, cleaning the regulator... I don't really want to open it now. But should I man up and go ahead with a check on the seals before continuing?

BTW first post here, I've been reading in silence for a long, long time.
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Welcome! Honestly, don't open it up, they are not easy to work on and the risk of contamination is much higher once it's open. These pumps work for hundreds of thousands of miles and at that mileage it should be fine if it ran well before.
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+1 For not opening it. I would just fit with new cambelt etc...(if needed) as for tips, drain and remove the fuel filter housing for better access. If your belt etc is new you can swap it quickly by locking the engine, securing the belt on the cam pulley  at 9 and 2 o'clock with cable ties. With a friend to keep tension on the pump pully/belt you remove the old'un and fit new one straight away, bolt it back together, remove ties and locking pins etc.... job done.

While the filter housing is off I would open it up and give it a good clean out. Welcome to the club BTW Smile
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Thanks for the advice, guys!
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