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*** IS MY 306 actually a 405 ***
You guys have been amazing with all your help, so hats off to you all and thank you.

Along with my other slightly odd questions is now this one;

I've been looking for parts for my Peugeot 306, 1996, 1.8 style 3rd, engine LFV, Phase 1

this has been a challenge mainly because when looking for reference on Google image I keep getting really off results or engine bays which are completely different to mine in style.

but as of late I've found my engine, throttle body ect looks like a Peugeot 405.

Is there some type of 306 variants which are compatible with 405 components?
do some of the earlier 305 just have the engine of the 405's?

or is it possible (as my car is in NZ and was imported from japan) that I was just an engine swap.

Photo of an engine that looks the exact same as mine below :Smile

thanks, Di3Ny

[Image: 5838550003_large.jpg]
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same engine gearbox driveshafts wheel bearings drive flanges.

the rest is different though.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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(27-07-2016, 08:09 AM)welshpug Wrote: same engine gearbox driveshafts wheel bearings drive flanges.

the rest is different though.

Driveshafts same for 306 dervs and 405 dervs then welshy?? 

Coz thats useful information right there!!
Wishes for more power...
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As Mei says, Ph2 405's and Ph1 306's (along with other PSA cars of the mid-90's like Xantia's and ZX's) shared the same engines.

I don't know about the export markets like Australia and what 306 models were and weren't available (I know the 205's you guys got were different to what we got here in the UK for example) but the 1.8 8v (XU7JP) 306's were a standard model here albeit not a particularly common one. I'd hazard that's because it was too close in terms of performance to the 1.6 TU models and thus didn't really make any sense. Indeed, most of the 1.8's that I've seen have been automatic models.

The later 1.8 16v XU (XU7JP4) engine that replaced the earlier 8v unit in later 306's on the other hand was much more popular, and I suspect that is what you're probably finding images of when you search on Google and the like.
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