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Is this a MAF (mass airflow sensor)
Hi guys! 
Random question but finding parts for the 306 I have (in NZ) has been nothing short of a nightmare. 
Is this the MAF? 

Car is a Peugeot 306, style, 1996 

Also does this car have a fault code port / or if a car doesn't have a fault code port how do you find out what the engine light is indicating? 

Thank you sorry for the odd question!

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Looks like an inlet temperature sensor to me
Wishes for more power...
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petrol 306's dont use a maf sensor, they're all map sensor based systems.

earlier 306's will have a green 2 pin plug clipped to the ecu lid, with which you can read the flash codes, later vehicles have a dl16 obd style plug for which you will need a proprietary peugeot diagnostic software and cable to read, they are pre obd2 standards and typically cannot be read by any normal obd2 device
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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Can you still use PP2K on phase 1s? It's a good investment if so, pays for itself quickly!
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Thank you guys so much that info really helped!

Quick follow up question to that, ive got a green two pin plug by the cars ECU (which is in the engine bay, not inside the car) ive been searching for the right connector for it but am coming up short, any help would be really appreciated!

so far ive come to the conclusion I would need a OBD1 scanner and a Peugeot 306 pre 1996 adapter but the internet is coming up a little short on outlets.
kinda seems like no one wants to admit there was a pre OBD2 scanner.

thank you again
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which ecu is it? bosch or magnetti marelli?

I recall with Bosch you can get the flash codes on earlier ecu's with the 2 pin plug, you can get a draper tool or use bits of wire a bulb and a swutch.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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Hi sorry I replied yesterday but it didn't post.......

I'm not sure which one it is in honestly, i'll send through a photo when I can just as reference.
But there is a green 2 pin plug that is around the back of the box.
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