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Show: FCS 2015 Prime Position - Announced
Right guys, getting close to that time of year again. Here's the main thread:

Please don't clutter up this thread with chat, if you want to chat about it start another thread, let's just keep this one for entries (giggidy).

As always, everyone is welcome on the stand, even if you own an old Mercedes like an absolute boss or some dodgy body-kitted Rover. If you're with 306oc then you have a space on our stand, and a group of homo-erotic drunks to camp with Smile

Now, slight change this year. We've always done a "front row" thread, but we don't actually know how our stand will be arranged this year, how big it will be or how much spare space we'll have, so we want to have the option to do some other kind of display parking. Prime position means that your car will be a part of that, but we can't say exactly how yet.

So, if you want to be involved in this, here's what you do. First, fill out this template:

Real name:

4 photos maximum, I'd suggest maybe front aspect, rear aspect, underbonnet and interior.

Voting will be done by a panel of highly respected and well-informed drunken morons, your friendly staff team.

Cheers guys, hope to see and get drunk with you all there Big Grin
[Image: tapatalk_1427020983519_zpsnwvozlhb.jpeg]
Thanks given by:
Username: Nathan1305

Real name: Nathan Sarkozi
Model: Peugeot 306 DT

• Bosch pump
• De-cat to freeflowing exhaust 
• Avo coilovers
• Ecosse rear spoiler
• OMP wheel on quick release boss
• Sprayed interior plastics
• GTi6 Seats
• GTi6 Brakes
• PH3 body




Thanks given by:
Username: Dum-Dum

Real name: Dum-Dum

Model: Rallye

Modifications: Not many, the Rallye was nearly perfect from the factory. Strut brace, coilovers, induction kit, bigger throttle body, de-resonator, de-cat, sportex exhaust, braided hoses, 5.1 brake fluid, new rallye decals, sunstrip, de-wiper.

Possibly have a smoothed front end and a set of track tyres by the time FCS comes around.


n.b. I would wash and wax the car for the show.
Thanks given by:
Username: 7057sam

Real name : Sam 

Model: Astor grey gti 6 

Modifications : Catcams 3107 
                            spax rsx coilovers 
                            yellowstuff pads 
                            Speedline 2118 
                            Nankang ns2r 
                            Rallye blanks 
                            K&N induction kit 
                            Omp strut brace 
                            De aircon ed
                            Mlies linkages 
                            Mocal 16 row oil cooler
                            Braided brake lines 
                            Rich w roller bearing
                            Rich w flyweel 
                            Rich w alloy pulley 
                            Solid group n engine mount 
                            Magnex decat + '3' Magnex cat back 
                            Hybrid arb +21mm torsion bars 
                            Solid rear mounts 
                            Versous ice white interior lights 
                            Gti6 mat set  

Photos : 
[attachment=22534][attachment=22533][attachment=22535] [attachment=22536]

Plans to clean and spray up most bits in the engine bay before aswell 
[Image: Cn91r40h.jpg] 
Astor 6 Fast road/track project
Thanks given by:
Username:  Ozonehostile

Real name:   Zakk

Model: Peugeot 306 gti6

Modifications:  Meticulously maintained engine using oem parts where applicable
Gmax uprated shocks front and rear, 60mm sport springs
low mileage rear beam with hybrid anti roll bar, baker bm solid beam mounts
Magnex catback exhaust system
baker bm solid gear linkages
baker bm quickshift
baker bm camber adjustable suspension top mounts
solid engine mounts
meyle hd wishbones
16" compomotive th rims, Michelin pilot tyres
brembo 4 pot brake callipers, tarox g88 discs
braided brake hoses front and rear, 5.1 fluid
black masked headlights
ralllye blanks
ph1 gti6 interior, omp steering wheel
rallye aux setup, aircon delete
...... more to come by fcs

[Image: 5edc8005-5ae2-4be5-8a88-ca1a6de83a89_zps9e3deae8.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20141020_134208_zpsb09f45ed.jpg]

[Image: IMG_300522850747_zpsd7dbb640.jpeg]
Current stable
'09 Mercedes E320cdi wagon 
'99 306 gti6
Thanks given by:
you didn't say 306 only Wink

Username: Lolsteve
Real name: Stephen/Steve
Model: ZR VVC
Piper exhaust cam
Offset dowels
Janspeed 4-2-1 manifold
Janspeed backbox
Grooved discs
Front/Rear Strut brace
K&N Apollo induction kit
Rebuilt gaz coilovers
Homemade remap
currently on work computer so only have one but will add more later
[Image: mcetg0.png]

ZR VVC Homebrew mapping project:
Thanks given by:

Real name:

Ph2 GTI 6

B8 Front struts with Eibach -30mm
solid rear mounts
16" Turinis
Aftermarket Exhaust
Rear tints
standard internal trim


[Image: DSCF2119.jpg]

[Image: DSCF2122.jpg]

[Image: DSCF2124.jpg]

[Image: DSCF2134.jpg]
GTI6 Info

Don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.

Thanks given by:
If there's not room for two black rallyes out front I'll defer to dum dum as his is much more original and I'd guess better Nick too! 


Real name

Rallye 16v

2.4 VTS Steering Rack
50mm Avo Springs
Bilstein B8 Front Shocks
OMP Upper Strut Brace
Group N Engine Mounts
Berlingo 15" Steel Wheels - Black Gloss
Grooved discs
Phase 3 bootlid
Black dash fascia
Phase 3 side strips
Gloss black plastics
Black mask headlights
Custom all red Rallye decals
Nissens rad

[Image: 4C2D2E58-A730-4FA9-A8BF-0958BDEBF998.jpg]

[Image: F194B30E-8870-4096-BFCA-0E8620C6EA9B.jpg]

[Image: 15D77D9F-7B4F-49A8-98F2-C11C71102211.jpg]
||AVO Race GTX Coilovers||Signature Blue Steels||P1 VTS Rack||Hybrid ARB||21mm Torsion Bar||rich_w Flywheel||
Thanks given by:
Username: Sian

Real name: Sian Berks
Model:  gti 6
Modifications:  other then dropped 40mm it's pretty much standard! The dent will be gone before fcs don't worry Wink and a lack of ladies on front row too..
[/url][Image: IMG-20150423-WA0000_zpsvh78uvbl.jpg]

[url=][Image: IMG-20150423-WA0001_zpsu7ccle9k.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20150423-WA0002_zps8gd7vb5n.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20150423-WA0003_zpsyne0hhtn.jpg]
Free hangover cures!
Thanks given by:
Username: Kezzieboy
Real Name: Kez
Car: Volvo V50 T5 AWD
Modifications: It's not a 306...

[Image: DSCN0645_zpsbiahpxce.jpg]
[Image: sigcopy-1.jpg]
Diablo Meridian HDi - 125bhp - 73.0MPG - Halfords Wheels
Thanks given by:


Fully rebuilt 2046cc
Rebored,decked and honed
87mm low compression pistons
Forged conrods
Balenced and lightened crank 
ACL race bearings
Lynx power headbolts
Skimmed head with oversized inlet valves
Ports mached to inlet and exhaust manifold
Stainless steel tubular manifold
Garret gtx2867 turbocharger
650cc Asnu injectors
omex 600 ecu
Turbosmart compgate 40mm external wastegate
Turbosmart 50mm dump valve
Tubosmart FPR 1200 fuel pressure regulator
Turbosmart in car boost controller
3" turbo back stainless steel exhaust using flowmaster silencers
Nissan 200sx aluminium race radiator
Mistubishi evo 6 race intercooler
Fabricated aluminium boost pipes
2.5 bar map sensor
green air filter
Vibra technics race engine mounts
Mocal oil system with oil cooler and sanwichplate
royal purple racing oil
Coolant pipes fabricated
Exhaust sytem fabricated
Boost circuit fabricated
Exhaust system heat lagged
Bulkhead heat shield
Helix paddel race clutch
Lightened and ballanced flywheel
rebuilt 306 hdi gearbox
quafie atb diff
Uprated gear rods
Front AP racing 4 pot with ferodo ds2500 pads
Rear Srandard calipers with wavy discs and ds2500 pads
In car brake bias valve
steel Braided flexi hoses
New copper piping though out
Millers dot 5 racing fluid
Wheels and suspension
OZ Leggenda 17" alloys
Toyo t1r/888 tyres
BC Racing coilovers with Baker BM camber adjustable top mounts on the front
Peugeot sport 24mm torsion bars and 30mm anti-roll bar beam
negative camber rear trailing arms bc racing shocks
Vibra technics p bushes
Solid rear axle mounts
lowered all round and cornr weighted
Bride carbon kevlar bucket seats
TRS 3" harnesses
omp staeering wheel
stack guages for boost, exhaust temp and afr
Swirt pot and uprated fuel pumps and fuel pressure regulator in boot area
battery located to boot area
wiring of the whole car has been thinned 
omp 6 point cage
harness bar
front bumper modified for better cooling
bonnet cut for ventilation
Thanks given by:
Username: SRowell
Real name: Sam
Model: 306 1.8 Meridian 5 Door Diablo

1.8 Engine with Jenvey 45 Throttle Bodies
OMEX600 ECU with Custom Mapping at Track & Road
GTI6 Gearbox
GTI6 Exhaust Manifold
Magnex Decat
Magnex Full SS System
Cobra Monaco S Bucket Seats
Sparco harnesses
Baker BM Solid Rear Beam Mounts
Baker BM Engine Mounts
Baker BM Solid Suspension Top mounts
AVO GTZ Coilovers (-60mm)
Rebuilt GTI6 Rear Beam
OMP Upper Strut Brace
OMP Lower Strut Brace
Seam Welded Subframe


[Image: TH-2014-09-13-ForgeActioA0_zps54f354ee.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20140601_184031_zps9rltdegi.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20140520_175803_zpsmnprojwo.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20140823_165637_zpsfysawq1q.jpg]
Thanks given by:
Username: zx-volcane
Model: Citroen ZX 1.9 TD



Forged engine, arduino controlled gearbox mounted vnt, ported head, dieselmeken pump ..etc

Braking / Suspension: 

Bilstein b8 all round, eibach springs, 21mm torsion bars, lower strut brace,  willwood 4 pots 

Interior / Exterior : 

Full leather interior and a bunch of gauges, go faster lacquer peel

[Image: untitled-7844_zpsgbfkiszs.jpg][Image: TH-2013-05-19-Citroen-ZX-Volcane-5044_zpsauotkded.jpg][Image: TH-2014-07-14-Pugfest-1614_zps36c55071.jpg]
Thanks given by:

Real name: Ashley 
Model: Dturbo estate 

ph1 converted 
tubular  4 branch manifold
2.5 inch stainless system front to back
11mm bosch 
10mm fuel lines
custom inlet manifold
battery relocation  to the boot
home brew upper and lower braces
5.1 brake fluid 
braided lines
gti6 calipers
gaz gold rear shocks 
kind adjustable  front setup 

Full heated leather  rx8 front seats
A few gauges
nimrods with spacers 

Probably more that I have missed

Thanks given by:
Username: Bashbatnard

Real name: Tom\bash

Model: Phase two xud estate

2.1 xud11 engine.

Custom exhaust

Gt2052s turbo box mounted turbo

9mm Bosch

10mm lines

266 xsi brakes

Nimrods alloys

Rear axle with gti torsion bars and 24mm arb

Front mount

205 steering wheel

lowered not sure how much. 60ish mm

Only pics I have.
On a break from 306oc for personal reasons. If anyone needs or wants me most of you have my number and or facebook messenger
Thanks for the good times guys n gals. I might be back. Who knows.
Thanks given by:
Were getting closer and closer now!
Team Eaton

1999 China Blue 306 GTi6 - Eaton Supercharged - 214.5bhp 181lbft
Thanks given by:
(10-05-2015, 10:10 PM)Niall Wrote: Bump.
Were getting closer and closer now!

whats the deadline Niall??
Wishes for more power...
Thanks given by:
(11-05-2015, 07:12 AM)Piggy Wrote: whats the deadline Niall??

The Dictionary defines deadline as below;

the latest time or date by which something should be completed.
"the deadline for submissions is Friday 5th February"
synonyms: time limit, limit, finishing date, finishing time, target date, target time, cut-off point
"they stipulated a deadline for the army's withdrawal"
a line drawn around a prison beyond which prisoners were liable to be shot.
Thanks given by:
Big Grin 
Username:  Piggy

Real name: James
Model: Peugeot 306 "GTd"
2.1 XUD11, rebuilt, GTB2056, 11mm frankenpump, stainless exhaust, fmic, arduino controlled etc, 206bhp at the wheels.
GTi brakes, brembo discs, Ds2500pads, 5.1 fluid etc
GAZ adjustables, 21mm TBs, 24mm rear ARB. Lowered approx 50mm. Quickshift, hdi box.
15" Michelin steels, ET7. 205/50 Michelins. 
Stripped in/out, looms the lot. Bucket seats. Half flocked dash with gauges. 
Fibreglass bonnet, lenax windows. 
Approx 1000kg.



Wishes for more power...
Thanks given by:
Username. Wannagoride
name. Greg

car. Gti6 nile blue phase 2

cat cams
re map
421 manifold
scorpian exhaust
high flow sport cat
brembo gt brakes
hel lines
short shift kit
wrapped bonnet
yoko parada spec 2s
G max springs
engine detailing
k&n 57i
ported and polished plenum
carbon coil pack cover
etc etc....
Thanks given by:
[Image: 18f0cbafe1e85a775b279e720fb266b7.jpg]

[Image: d1c1551848d42c72db61a83b3b998b27.jpg]
Thanks given by:
Posting this for MissWoop as she is having a bit of trouble Smile

So its hdi, stage 2 map, massive stupid oversized fmic, running 20 psi with standard clutch haha
Picasso steels banded to 8j and 7.5j
Rallye blanks now on
Black masked headlights
Lowered around 60 - 70 mm
Gti6 rear bench and full leather buckets
Colour coded mirrors, the spoiler and fuel cap plastic strips will also be colour coded
Pressed plates
De badged on the back end

[Image: 11208816_10155592008905241_865077938_n_zpsqthexepg.jpg]

[Image: 11258973_10155592008170241_1588733919_n_zpsuitkpgw2.jpg]

[Image: 11270055_10155592007715241_360290437_n_zpsfd6hvh7n.jpg]

Realised i haven't even put my effort up yet! lol

Username: Niall
Real name: Niall
Model: 306 GTi6
2.0 GTI6 Eaton M45 low boost supercharged circa 220-225hp
Forge mahoosive intercooler
Omex 600 management mapped by Track and Road
Renault r26 Brembo 4 pot calipers in yellow with Pendulum 310mm rotors and bells
Stef refurbished rear axle
Speedline Turinis in gunmetal grey 16"
Lowered 30mm all round on Bilstein B8s and Eibachs
Mazda RX8 front seats
Blue XSi carpet
Custom plasma dials
Cupra R splitter
Genuine Cibie blue masks

[Image: 1167785_10200458230325040_1898295055_n_zps1828b719.jpg]

[Image: 10462943_10152215318731342_3875708194810...4odgiu.jpg]

[Image: 10726643_10100830395839115_1160823898_n_zps46v8gxhr.jpg]
Team Eaton

1999 China Blue 306 GTi6 - Eaton Supercharged - 214.5bhp 181lbft
Thanks given by:
Username: Stef205
Real name: Stef
Model: 205 GTi
2.0l gti6
M90 eaton supercharger
Jek inlet manifold
380cc injectors
Omex 600 ecu
Autoworxs engineering exhaust system
Jek intercooler
Modified renault 5 radiator
16 row mocal oil cooler
1900 gearbox
Rose joint wishbones
Rose joint drop links
Nissan skyline front calipers
309 axle with vts arms
22mm torsion bars
23mm arb
Custom roll cage
cobeau bucket seats
rsa 6 point harnesses
and so on.....

Mapped by sandy brown made 1000 unicorns @ srd motorsport

[Image: 61E3BD31-672C-4F61-BE6B-EAA2BF3ADF93_zpspigvyvdh.jpg]
[Image: TH-2014-07-14-Pugfest-1814_zps805f09bd.jpg]
[Image: DB5E6718-EA04-4F66-81A4-F28837061CE9_zps4gqofe1v.jpg]
90' 205 gti6 supercharged
05' Evo 9 IX GT

Team eaton.

Axle rebuilds please contact me for your needs.
Thanks given by:
Deadline is May 29th guys Smile
Team Eaton

1999 China Blue 306 GTi6 - Eaton Supercharged - 214.5bhp 181lbft
Thanks given by:
Username: Lwilliams

Real name: Luke

Model: 306 GTi6 

Engine standard apart from airfilter and Rich W alloy crank pully]
Renault r26 Brembo 4 pot calipers with Pendulum 310mm rotors and bells
Baker bm soild beam mounts
Team Dynamic 1.2's 16" with r888's
Gaz GHA's Corner weighted by local race Prep team (Blendini Motorsport)
Omp Bucket's
Sparco 5 point harnesses
Striped inside 
Bolt in Roll cage powder coated red supported by strengthening plates
Hydraulic handbrake
Rear bias adjuster
Battery to boot with Carbon fiber look battery box
Underside painted black
Exhaust heat wrapped
Inside Painted
ACW Poly-carbonate windows
Fiberglass boot
Kevlar bonnet
Lights gutted and sprayed black
Roller bearing wisbones
Pillipm Lower strut brace
-3 deg camber up front with baker bm top mounts
Sub frame powder coated electric blue

Few funny stickers Tongue

Can't think of anything else atm...
Thanks given by:
Any updates? ?
[Image: Cn91r40h.jpg] 
Astor 6 Fast road/track project
Thanks given by:
^^^ Yeah who is getting the shiny spaces?

Oh and my car now looks like this, gonna have the paint finished before FCS.

Thanks given by:
Right guys, the prime position cars have been chosen by the team of mods and is below;

LWilliams - GTI6 - Blaze
GregPurdie16 - GTI6 - Purple Wrap
Niall - GTI6 SC - China
Cully - GTI6 - White
Piggy - DTURBO 2.1 - Moonstone
7047Sam - GTI6 - Astor
FerryWoop - HDI - China
Kerry - XSI - White
Ozonehostile - GTI6 - Nile
SRowell - 1.8 XS - Diablo
zx_volcane - ZX - Black
Stef205 - 205 GTI6 SC

We have really been after a good mix of cars. I know we are a 306 based forum and do have a few non-306s on the list but i think it goes to show what different builds are out there!
We still do not know the stand layout exactly yet due to not having an exact sizing. In reality, we probably will not know until the Friday when myself and a few mods get there early. I do have a plan as to the layout which should look quite nice Wink
Thanks all for your input and i really look forward to seeing a stand full of shining cars on Saturday!
Team Eaton

1999 China Blue 306 GTi6 - Eaton Supercharged - 214.5bhp 181lbft
Thanks given by:
Looking forward to it. Let's hope for sun and fun. Should be there by 9.30 at latest.
I'm also greg 16 by the way. Techtard
Thanks given by:
Ah sweet! 

That's a bit of inspiration to get the 6 looking properly nice haha 
Current stable
'09 Mercedes E320cdi wagon 
'99 306 gti6
Thanks given by:

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