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Mysteries... helpplease?
Hi all,

Just become the proud owner of a 1999 306 Cabrio 2.0Ltr I plan on bringing back to life  Inlove

I've found guides on how to rebuild the back axle (not sure if it needs it yet, the camber doesn't look too bad to me, maybe a degree or so out of vertical..?)

I found a Peugeot-made video on replacing / fitting and checking the roof, although it's in French  Confused  ...............  but my main query is where to find information on the engine, and in particular the cambelt, which will need changing immediately as it run only 25000Km since the last change, but the change was 8 years ago  TMI

From what I understand (?) there are two different types of 2.0ltr cambelt and cam pulleys - one with 3 bolts, the other with one, and one belt with X number of teeth and another with Y? (and if I understand correctly the tensioners change with the belts?)

So, if I take the cover off, which belt / tensioner goes with which pulley? 

I've Googled my tail off but I come up with nothing worthwhile by way of how-too's or specifications, nor for that matter on front suspension, what to look out for - or usually suspect area for rust on these (although it appears fairly sound)

Can anyone help with links to / info on these items?


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