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Bosch pump help for newbie
The only 306 1.9td XUD that comes with a factory bosch pump is the very early cars fitted with the D8A Engine 1993-1995. almost all the others with have a Lucas, there are some freak cars out there that had them on later but generally it is only early cars.
the best place to get a Bosch pump is Peugeot Citroen some fiat vans/MPVs with the XUd turbo fitted
Eg. 806, ulysee, synergy, expert, dispatch, sucudo these will also come with the "xantia manifold" they will almost always have a Bosch fitted from factory.
if you don't fancy the scrap yard route i have 3 or 4 Bosch pumps in my shed, send me pm and we can sort something out.

This is my 306 with a 2.1 xud11 swap but the bosch pumps look exactly the same 
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