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How to Remove a HDI Inlet Elbow
(07-04-2015, 09:34 AM)Iceman299 Wrote:
(07-04-2015, 09:25 AM)highwayman306 Wrote:
(07-04-2015, 09:18 AM)Iceman299 Wrote: Get the gaskets from the dealer, they're not expensive at all. I used 3 of them, stuck together with high temp sealant before fitting

From Peugeot/fiat place on the mellish rd? Would there be any need for high temp sealant? Also how much are we talking for the gaskets...sorry for question bombardment lol

I go to regal motors Peugeot on oxford st, bilston. They came in a pack with a fair few in. 

I only used high temp sealant to join the 3 together prior to fitting so it was easier to handle as 1 gasket instead of 3 seperate ones. Can't remember the exact price but it was pretty cheap, will try and find my invoice for them later on. 

Sorted that ain't that far from me, just gotta go down the dreaded BC route!!! I got a bolt (yes a bolt) stuck in my tyre last week, was tapdancing all the way home losing pressure Sad

If you could find a price and part number that would be awesome iceman Wink cheers. I'm guessing that silicon sealant would be sufficient for sticking them together, its high temp enough...I hope hahaha Big Grin
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