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How to Remove a HDI Inlet Elbow
Tools you will need;

-       10mm Spanner / Short 10mm socket

-       Short 7mm spanner

-       Posidriv screwdriver

-       Flat head screwdriver

-       Long pliers / Adjustable long handle pliers

-       Set of Allen Keys

The first thing that you need to do is remove the front driver’s side wheel. Once this has been taken off you can get a little bit of access to the turbo inlet. On the front of the turbo is a metal pipe going into it being held on by one 10mm bolt. You need to remove that to loosen the metal intake pipe for access later on. 

Under the bonnet you will then want to loosen the 10mm bolt on the other end of the metal intake pipe. This is bolted onto the inlet elbow. There may be a bracket down the back of the engine as well depending on the model you have. This will be bolted to the bottom of the EGR connection. I didn't have one so I am not sure really but if you have one you will need to remove it.

[Image: e7hun6.jpg]

** Be careful with this pipe as the joint to the turbo is a bit delicate and when doing mine I moved it around too much and damaged it, Try to remove all the bolts first and then slide if off the turbo inlet in one pull rather than moving it around loads like I did**

[Image: 2wexent.jpg]

Remove the top half of the air box removing 5 cross head screws. Remove the plug on the MAF sensor and then remove the jubilee clip that holds the plastic intake pipe to the metal part. This will allow you to remove the whole of the intake pipe.

[Image: 2md2map.jpg]

The next thing you will need to do is remove the breather pipe for access. This is easy enough using a pair of large pliers or grips and a screwdriver to break the seal if it has got stuck on.

[Image: 23lbck8.jpg]

Once all of that has been removed you will need to get your arm down the back of the elbow. There is a rubber hose that connect to the bottom of the inlet elbow using a jubilee clip to hold it in place. You will need a very short 7mm spanner to get onto the jubilee providing that it is in an accessible place (Hopefully it is)

Once that is loose you want to remove the two Allen bolts from where the EGR joins to the inlet elbow. You will need fairly small hands and a short-ish Allen key for this. Its not too hard to do though really.

[Image: 23raljd.jpg]

Next you need to remove the two 13mm bolts that hold the elbow onto the manifold.

[Image: w0lzea.jpg]

Once that is all loose with a lot of wiggling and pulling you should be able to remove it from the rubber hose and the intake manifold.

Do what you need to do with it off and then just do the opposite to put it back together. To re connect the turbo intake pipe I find that it was a lot easier to bolt it on the turbo side first and then bolt it to the inlet elbow second.
Thanks given by: highwayman306

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