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Coolant system pressurising but not overheating?!
Hi all, so as some of you may know I just managed to get my brothers suzuki vitara comercial xud engine running after an air lock.

First test drive the heaters are lovely and warm/hot temp gauge at 80 and vitara temp gauge at 1/4 (has both original vitara gauge and universal gauge) after about 15 mins the bottom hose pops off, refit it with better jubilee clip,

2nd test run again about 15 mins exactly same temp and it blows water through the cap which was only half on, fill up with water as lost all coolant by this point and on way home from unit, cap on tight.

After another 5 mins were home and temp gauge is at 70 heaters still very warm, pop bonnet and top hose hot and extremely hard, impossible to squeeze. Pressure trying to escape every way it possibly can.

On this engine there's no bleed nipples, does it sound like there's an air lock or is it definitely headgasket?

Thanks again!
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Coolant system pressurising but not overheating?! - by D.r.1989 - 26-10-2014, 07:20 PM

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