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For Sale: 406, XUD, Bosch, complete - Warrington
I've got a 406 here too. It was my daily for several years. Then it got parked up because of various reasons I thought there might be a need for a veg burner in the near future. That feeling has passed and I now just need the room.

It still runs with a fresh battery and a little bit of cranking.
It's manky inside because it leaked a bit.
Dash has been pulled apart (quickly) to remove gauges that were fitted.
Basically it's good for the running gear and brakes, and maybe a few panels and random parts off it.

I've been offered £160 scrap for it so basically that's what I'm selling it for.
It might be a cheap way to get some running gear and make a bit of cash back.
Or maybe there is no interest...

Warrington Cheshire, collection only. Price is firm, dont come and try to negotiate.
You will need a trailer !!!
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