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Rules for buyers and sellers - READ BEFORE POSTING!
Just an explanation of our rules for using our forums to sell cars, parts, or anything else. Please make sure your advert and dealings comply or it will be removed.

1. State a price. It's fine to add ONO (or near offer), but no threads saying "offers". Also, state whether your price includes postage.
2. Please give a detailed description of the item for sale.
3. State a location, and whether the item is collection only or if you are willing to post it. If you can't send it straight away or if there may be a delay, state this in the ad so people know it may take a while before deciding on a purchase.
4. Please also state what payment methods you accept.
5. New members can not start a for sale thread until they have reached 20 posts. Please don't post lots of throwaway, one word, poor quality posts for the sake of getting to 20 posts as they will be removed, get involved in the community. This section is for the use of the community so you must be part of it.
6. No selling on our Facebook group.
7. Items for sale must obviously be your property to sell.

And some general good practice:

1. Reply to PMs about the item, especially once sold. Keep the buyer informed about dispatch and postage.
2. All sales or purchases are between the buyer and seller, takes no responsibility for money or items lost or stolen. Before sending payments as gifts on PayPal, check the implications of this.
3. If there are any issues with a transaction, please PM a moderator or admin rather than starting a thread about this on the public forums, and we will try to help, however please refer to the above statement. Also, please message the seller in the first instance.
4. Please don't post phone numbers, addresses, PayPal details or any other personal info on the public forums.
5. Post pictures wherever possible, it'll help your chances of selling the item.

As said, any ads not complying with these rules will be removed.


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