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2002 206 1.4HDi 5 door - ekjdm14 - 18-01-2021

Also for sale due to neighbourly love  Angry is Emma's beloved Mercury Grey 206 1.4HDi.  It's currently not MoT'd although should only need drop links (included) and wiper blades to get another year's ticket (this and asking price may change if we find time/funds to test it though).

Over the last couple of years the car has had loads of work done to keep it in shape, rear beam rebuilt & lowered, Blueline coilovers up front, all brake pipes replaced with copper, new glow plugs, black leather CC front seats & black half leather GTi rears, SP door handles, GTi gearknob, 15" alloys, new clutch, cambelt, water pump etc. In 2017 the instrument cluster was replaced for one with silver dials which resulted in the mileage jumping from 95k to 160k.  Currently has black dials but with pink backlighting but easy to change if not to your taste.

Asking price currently £250 with standard front struts, £375 with the coilovers.  Worth more in parts. (if we end up putting a year's ticket on, price will obviously reflect this). Also advertised elsewhere

Pictures to follow, any questions feel free to ask.

cheers, Dan.