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Rear shocks - Pgtips - 07-08-2020

Is this a decent price for £68.87 delivered ?


RE: Rear shocks - Mighty306 - 09-08-2020

Seems very reasonable to me Smile

RE: Rear shocks - Pgtips - 11-08-2020

(09-08-2020, 10:18 AM)Mighty306 Wrote: Seems very reasonable to me Smile
Would be if they were the correct ones for the 306 but found out the part numbers's for a 205 that's why they're a lot cheaper than everywhere else  Undecided

RE: Rear shocks - Mighty306 - 12-08-2020

Ah, that's a shame. They'll be a lot better than most of the other aftermarket stuff so worth spending the £100 or so that other retailers are asking. Alternatively wait a bit to see if a 2nd hand set (you might even find some B6's) come up.

RE: Rear shocks - welshpug - 12-08-2020

205 and 306 did indeed share the same part number, better are the xsara dampers.

RE: Rear shocks - Pgtips - 13-08-2020

They're not the ones that end with part number 314 that fit the 205 aswell as the part numbers totally different & Bilstein confirmed they're specifically for a 205 even though they'd fit the 306 lol

RE: Rear shocks - Mighty306 - 13-08-2020

If you buy the whole kit (front & back shocks) a lot of places supply the Xsara rears. Kam Racing did when I purchased a kit. Bit stiffer I think.