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SOLD - 1998 Peugeot 2.0 16v 306 Cabriolet, 67k miles - MrBen - 07-06-2020

This sold to a classic car collector within 24 hours. Maybe I should have asked for more!

The Pininfarina-designed 2.0L 16v Peugeot 306 Cabriolet is a very much loved and well reviewed car.

I bought mine brand new on December 21st 1999 so it's only had one owner - me! Being in London, I drove it less than I thought I would, so it's only got 67,250 miles on the clock.

Beautiful ‘Astor’ metallic grey, alloy wheels.  Lovely. 

It's had a full service history until 2008.  MOT until August 1st 2020 (at it's last MOT the rear brake discs were identified as pitted - due to lack of use these may need replacing soon) 
Fabric interior with faux walnut dashboard.

The car has been maintained annually (remembered more recent replacements have been: New handbrake cable fitted last year and new radiator and exhaust fitted approximately 5 years ago). The car has never been in an accident and has required no major repairs. Everything is original except the rear windscreen, which I replaced (the original PVC fogged, and I replaced it with a modern crystal clear back window last year).

The 5 gear manual transmission engine is a beautiful beast for this car: The 2L XU10J4R 130 BHP@5500, 4 cylinder 16 valve with a top speed of 124mph, and 0-60 in 11 seconds. 

The body is low and sleek with a very gentle curve - giving a drag coefficient of 0.32; When new, it has about 200mm of ground clearance, but it’s rested a bit, so one has to be careful over speed-bumps.  

It was the engine and the body design that got my money.  It still looks stunning 20 years on. Not many designs feel that way to me.

You really feel the wind at high speed; it’s not very comfortable for back seat passengers over 60mph. It’s fine on the front seats.  It hasn’t been driven that fast in the last few years - it probably needs some care and attention to bring it back up to spec. 

But the engine has always, and continues to, run exceptionally well - for the past 8 years I have mainly used it for an  annual UK camping trip (400 miles round trip). The engine has NEVER let us down.  Some of the electrics need to be looked at - there is an occasional short that affects the indicators - and more recently there have been problems with battery drainage. We disconnected the radio and CD player (they are still there, just unplugged) hoping to resolve the drain - but it’s still draining.

There’s a well known issue on these cars to do with the battery connectors getting loose - and that happens in this car too. It’s never happened during driving, and it can normally be dealt with - but it’s worth knowing about.

Some small dents but otherwise NO rust to bodywork; most of the seals are deteriorating but not enough to let water in - except in really terrible weather water does leak on the seals.

The driver-side front electric window no longer works. It should be easy enough to fix if you are up for that sort of thing.

The electric hood still works but needs a helping hand (this could be the hood fabric stiffening with age more than anything), and could do with some loving attention. We assist the motor manually now!  The hood has gone green due to being parked outside under trees for the past 6 years.

Fabric on driver side door (around handle) has come away slightly, as has stitching on driver's seat.

It is slightly 'creaky' at the front when you go over speed bumps - I'm no mechanic but could be due to shock absorbers?!

Picture on rear screen demister control button is missing.
Front towing eye has bent into small front round light (we had to be pulled out of snow one year!). So it looks like it has a slight squint.

Overall this car can be summed up as having amazing engine, bodywork and interior...I'm sure the seals, battery issues, green hood and 'creaks' could be remedied by someone who has the desire to bring this car back to its former glory!

All photos were taken today.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=32093]
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