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Replacement Beam - Pgtips - 29-04-2020

Anyone used A.B Axles based in Somerset for a refurbed beam ?

RE: Replacement Beam - Mighty306 - 30-04-2020

I don't think they're an axle specialist anymore n before that, as far as I can tell, they weren't turning out quality axles that would last.

What's your plan for the car n how long do you want to keep it? Refubishing an axle properly is A LOT of work, hence cheap & good doesn't exist. (Having done a couple myself I know). You prob need to be spending £400-£450 from a reputable axle builder for anything reliable. Search for ,'Axles by Stef' on Facebook or contact Carl Chambers http://www.pugsport-racing.co.uk/cmchambers.html

RE: Replacement Beam - Eeyore - 30-04-2020

+1 for Stef!