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Remote central locking reprogram - stranter - 22-06-2019


I have a 1999 1.8 GLX SW which has central locking and I presume has remote central locking. The car came with 1 normal key. I got a second after market cut just in case I lost it. Now I've bought a secondhand remote key off eBay, transferred the blade and transponder over from the original and it starts the car tickety boo.

The remote bit doesn't work thiugh. I'm going to try a new battery. I'm aware that my car could be a phase 2 or 3 is there a really easy way of telling?

What's the reprogramming procedure? According to the manual you can DIY but it's a bit vague on how IMO.

Any help would be great.



RE: Remote central locking reprogram - Mighty306 - 22-06-2019

A '99 will be phase 3 & I imagine will have radio rather than IR remote CL system. Not sure on the reprogramming provedire for them. (Only done IR which are relatively simple). If it hasn't worked up to now it's possible the receiver is dead.

RE: Remote central locking reprogram - Toms306 - 23-06-2019

I'm pretty sure you'll need Peugeot Planet to program the remote locking on a new key. I don't know if you can reprogram an old remote board to a new car or if you'll need a new one though.

The remote locking is totally separate from the immobiliser.