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Strut top bearing - Quietone - 07-02-2019

Ok with replacing as above what is needed or mite be needed besides the bearing. Also where is good place to get . This is for a 2001 306 xsi 4/5 door . 
I am in Australia sydney so parts here are hard to find .

RE: Strut top bearing - Mighty306 - 07-02-2019

In short, anything that looks worn out!  The top mount (06 "Shock-AB Bracket" in the diagram below) can need replacing as well.  It's essentially a form of bush.  Check for any splits in the rubber between the main body and where the shock bolts through it.

Top mounts and bearings are sometimes sold together.  If you find a deal on both then may be worth considering but a decent top mount isn't cheap.

If the rod protector (03) has any damage to it then that should be replaced.  The rest should hopefully be fine.


RE: Strut top bearing - Quietone - 08-02-2019

The ab bracket looks like the mount in kit I been looking at I will post a link for what I looking at when I get home . If it is easily word I'll replace as a measure for it to last . I'll be going coilovers when I have coin too just doing rims first .

RE: Strut top bearing - Quietone - 08-02-2019

here is link at one i am looking at is this right .... ???????????


also seen theses ones price i not too much of problem


RE: Strut top bearing - Mighty306 - 08-02-2019

Yep, the parts in the links you've sent look right. When you bolt in the top mount be really careful not to over-tighten the bolts. They're pretty low torque. I annoyingly stripped the threads off one a while back!

RE: Strut top bearing - Quietone - 08-02-2019

I am not fitting them . My mechanic is . As this is a job a little too big for my knowledge and I dont have time to as I need car for work it's my daily would take me 2 days to do lol.

RE: Strut top bearing - pug306driver - 08-02-2019

yeh, only just managed to get the strut apart and back together again with the screw type coil spring compressors, which would not do the Mondy. Have invested in a floor mounted hydraulic compressor, much safer.....

RE: Strut top bearing - Quietone - 08-02-2019

Yeah I watched some youtube vids n went nope above my technical level .

RE: Strut top bearing - Quietone - 09-02-2019

I bought theses ones . As I know the brand n kyb good brand . https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Front-Suspension-Strut-Top-Mounting-Bearing-Kit-Peugeot-Citroen-306-XSARA-/123449139857?txnId=2066955787002

Strut top bearing - pug404 - 11-02-2019

Hi. I get my parts from eai.net.au
In thornleagh nsw

They have most of the things I need and better prices than rrp.
Great service...

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RE: Strut top bearing - Quietone - 11-02-2019

I'll check that out I am in nsw