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Lucas pump cap - carlukepeugeot - 29-01-2019

Hi all,

Just curious - is it possible to buy replacement caps - the one that you remove to adjust the max fuel - for the lucas diesel pumps? I have taken mine off and got it back on and sealing, but it worries me a bit that I could crack it (there are wee chips out it where I had to chisel it round). Would be nice to have a spare to hand!

I have seen mention of old ford pumps having a metal cap on them, but searching ebay etc doesnt' turn up any.

Alternatively, has anyone worked out the dimensions /  thread and managed to source a suitable equivalent ?


RE: Lucas pump cap - Martin306 - 29-01-2019

Yeah loads of places supply the plastic ones. Google search for Lucas DPC Sealing/Access Plug or something along those lines.

Plastic ones are fine, the key is to not overtighten em Smile

You can get metal ones, someone on Facebook showed me last year but I can't find the post (typical facebook, forums are way better for searching) I can't seem to find any after a quick google search but I know they are out there.

RE: Lucas pump cap - carlukepeugeot - 30-01-2019

Thanks alot Martin!  I can find this one on ebay, only thing being it is green for some reason?!


Take it this should be it?


RE: Lucas pump cap - Martin306 - 30-01-2019

Yeah that looks right, no idea why it's green though!

RE: Lucas pump cap - ekjdm14 - 16-10-2020

Thread necromancy, anybody had any joy finding a better source of these plugs or the metal ones? Tenner for a bit of plastic/nylon seems a bit excessive but then again guess they count on it being a distress purchase lol. Thank fook we have another 306 to get us around... (Well, that's waiting for a water pump but given the choice I'd rather drive round pissing water than diesel)!

RE: Lucas pump cap - johnny625 - 31-10-2020

I expect things are more expensive in the UK, but here I went to local machining shop and they made me a metal copy of the plastic cap with a bonus, a 19 mm hex head on it, so I only need a 19 mm spanner to undo it. It costed me whoppin 5 euros.

RE: Lucas pump cap - Martin306 - 02-11-2020

I've just had a brainwave

Couldn't someone 3D print a plastic one and just put a handle/knob on it so you can twist it off?

Suppose metal is fine though.

RE: Lucas pump cap - johnny625 - 19-11-2020

It would have to be diesel compatible 3d printing material..with absolutely no porosity. Even the sightliest hole is enough for diesel to leak.

Otherwise a great idea, no need for spanners or anything.