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306 xrdt alarm problem - Shantilly - 22-06-2018

Please help. I have no idea what to do. My car alarm keeps going off, doesn't matter if it's locked, open battery disconnected. I can now get the key into the lock under the bonnet, but can't turn it. I've looked behind the plastic on the B pillar by the drivers seat, there's no plug. Tried the button on the steering wheel makes no difference. Too scared to cut wires. Is there any advice you can give me please.

RE: 306 xrdt alarm problem - daddyfixit - 22-06-2018

i remember back in the day...key switches got water in and caused alarm to go off...……...

RE: 306 xrdt alarm problem - bashbarnard - 23-06-2018

Oh god. our phase 1 "shitter" that i wrote off a few years back had this stupid alarm. I ended up spending hours ripping it out.