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Tyipical Fuel Pressure - Di3Ny - 18-08-2016

HI Guys!

As always thank you for all your help, my car is running way better with all of your advice and I only have a few repairs to make before I'm ready to focus on athletics Smile

I need to replace a Fuel Pressure Regulator for my car (** Peugeot 306 1996 mk1 style 1.8lt 101hp 3rd hatch **) ive been quoted $480 for a new one (that's just for the part)

so I think i'll buy one online for $50 or so!

but I was wondering as most fuel systems have different Bars of pressure, what would be the typical fuel pressure of a 1.8lt Peugeot 306?

3bar? / 3.5 bar / 4bar?

I have no idea.

As always, thank you for your help!


RE: Tyipical Fuel Pressure - cully - 18-08-2016

auto data says

Magneti-Marelli system
system pressure Bar:2.3-2.7
Regulated pressure with vacuum Bar:1.8-2.2

Bosch system
system pressure Bar:2.8-3.2
Regulated pressure with vacuum Bar:2.3-2.7

RE: Tyipical Fuel Pressure - RetroPug - 19-08-2016

Get one from a breaker? If not, someone on here must have one they could post.