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PSA Gear Oil - Toms306 - 10-02-2015

Just a heads up to anyone looking to buy OE gear oil.

It has now been superceeded from 9730 AA to 9730 AG. The dealer will spend ages looking for it if you give them the wrong part number. Itwasntme

It costs £16.38 for 2 litres.

Interestingly, its now just 75w rather than 75w80, not sure what real world difference that may have.

RE: PSA Gear Oil - pug306driver - 13-07-2018

is a gl4 75/80 oil ok in these gearboxes, Granville.......the gold coloured sticker one....

RE: PSA Gear Oil - Ruan - 13-07-2018

Holy thread revival batman.

As a general rule - no. MOST gear oils have EP additives which react with the metal used the synchroniser rings and leaves a deposit on the surface, meaning ronky shifting. It's rare these days to find them without the EP additives .- Total Gear8 75W-80 is the correct stuff, might as well just buy the correct stuff in the first place.

RE: PSA Gear Oil - pug306driver - 14-07-2018

Cool, thanks.