Forum Announcement: Forum changing to Read-Only - Stage 1
Hello all,

I hope everyone is keeping well and are still enjoying all the great content this forum has on offer.

Its been a long time coming with the position of new media and the way in which we communicate in the world.

Forums used to be the place to be, the dipped slightly then came back strong. Only for social media and other platforms to have evolved past what forums could offer.

In light of the changing landscape of this, but being mindful that this forum itself still has a lot of great posts, projects and information, it would be a shame to shut the site down totally.

Therefore, i have disabled new registrations in the hope to combat the ever growing battle of moderation vs spambot technology.

Unless there is outcry from the forum itself, i will then as phase 2 make the forum read only and therefore no new posts can be made. This will ensure that we can maintain the existing data we have here for anyone that is looking for more information.

I'm happy for this to spawn a conversatation if needed, so please do feel free to create any posts about this move (and future moves) and i'll be more than happy to engage.

Long live the 306!


P.S Yes, i still own my GTi6, and no, its not on the road, its being french.